About Us

Frank Romano - Owner

Frank Romano is the owner and operator of “ Dogfather K9 Connections”. His dream of owning a kennel services facility finally came true in 2011 after 22 years of experience with canines. Frank is dedicated to providing a honest, clean, safe, and fun environment for all of his K9 customers. 

Frank’s love for dogs started early in life when at the age of 4 his family’s apartment was burglarized and as a result purchased their German Shepherd named Heidi. Since then dogs have always been a significant part of his life. 

In 1987, while on active duty in the U.S. Army Military Police, Frank entered the Department of Defense’s Military Working Dog Program. He quickly became a troubleshooter for the Forces Command, establishing and renovating kennels that were unable to get certified for years. He received numerous awards and medals for his work in the Military Working Dog Program. In 1995 he ended his 11 year Active Duty Army career and entered the U.S. Army Active Reserves where he retired as a Master Sergeant in 2004. 

In 1995, Frank was hired by the California Highway Patrol, where he served as a K9 officer, division and departmental K9 trainer for 18 of his 20 years with the agency. 

Frank was awarded Marin County Peace Officer of the Year. He then became the CHP Golden Gate Division’s Master K9 Trainer. 

In 2000, Frank was assigned a CHP Departmental K9 named “Rex”. He and his K9 Partner were very successful both on the streets serving communities and in competition.  

In 2010, Frank decided he wanted to go back to the road and work with a police K9. Frank was assigned a new K9 named “Becks” and in April 2010 he and Becks hit the streets. Becks served as an explosive detection and patrol dog. 

Frank and Becks retired from the California Highway Patrol in February, 2016. 

Frank is dedicated to the success of the Dogfather K9 Connections and the clients he serves.