Full Service Bathing at The Dirty Dog Salon!

Dogfather K9 Connections is proud to be home to The Dirty Dog Salon: Your local full service pet bathing facility!

All baths include a massage, nail trims, ear cleaning, anal glands, brushing, coat blow out and drying - Plus a treat whent they're all finished!
Please call us at (707) 595-3280 to make a reservation with The Dirty Dog Salon!

Bathing Policy: Bathing is by appointment only. It is our policy to only accommodate drop offs no more than 30 minutes prior to or after the scheduled appointment time and pick up no more than 1 hour past the Bather's "all finished" phone call. Any time spent at the facility by your companion outside of this will be considered Day Care services.

Additionally, ALL DOGS visiting our facility for bathing services require proof of current vaccanations be on file.

Bathing Prices

Small Breeds (1-20 lbs) - $20
Medium Breeds (20-40 lbs) - $30
Large Breeds (40-60 lbs) - $40
X-Large Breeds (60-80 lbs) - $50
XX-Large Breeds (80+ lbs) - $60

Upgrade Packages

Dental Treatment (with Bath) - $8
Special pet-friendly mint tooth gel is gently brushed onto your pupís teeth, which breaks down plaque and freshens breath! We also use dental wipes for those clients that donít like the toothbrush.

Itchy Pup Package - $10
Specially formulated Oatmeal shampoo that relieves dry, irritated skin, with a tearless soap free formula. Includes an oatmeal conditioner treatment which restores luster to dry coats, reduces mats / tangles, and restores moisture for a healthy shine.

Fuzzy Pup De-Shedding Package - $10 to $25
The Dirty Dog Salon is proud to be a FURminator authorized salon! The fuzzy pup package includes a special FURminator shampoo enriched to reduce shedding and promote a healthy skin and coat. We follow the bath with a FURminator deshedding solution and remove thick undercoats and loose hair with extra brushing and a full coat blow out!

Matted Pup Package (De-Tangler) - $12
A two process shampoo and conditioner with a natural ph-balanced formula that reduces mats and tangles for easier comb-outs. Builds body and adds luster, with a fresh clean scent.

Light Colored Coats Package - $8
Brightens and lightens by removing stains from white, cream, and light colored dogs using the power of enzymes

Smelly Pup Package (Deodorizer) - $8
Baking soda shampoo enriched with silk amino acids and B vitamins eliminates odors naturally and reduces excess oils.

Buggy Pup Flea & Tick Package - $10 to $20
Bath includes a safe and effective natural flea and tick shampoo that kills them on contact and continues to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos afterwards to protect your pup from re-infestation. Includes careful brushing with a flea comb!

Dark Beauty Package - $8
Specially formulated dark coat shampoo cleans, deodorizes and enriches dark and black coats. This special shampoo eliminates sun fading, red tones and brassiness to leave your pupís coat shining!

Anxious Pup Package - $5
If your pup is stressed or anxious at bath time, this upgrade is for you! Specifically formulated shampoo with a pheromone blend, plus lavender and chamomile will help relax anxious pets and soothe their skin!

Sensitive Pup Package - $8
This specially formulated, hypoallergenic and tearless shampoo is gentle and mild. Dye free, fragrance free and pH balanced for dogs with extremely sensitive skin.

Skunked Pup Package - $15 to $30
Oh no, your pup got skunked! Not to worry, upgrade to our pet-safe and effective Fresh & Clean de-skunking shampoo and treatment!

A La Carte Services

Ear Cleaning - $6
Nail Clipping - $10
Nail Grinding - $15
Anal Glands - $12
Dental Treatment - $10
Brush Out - $8 to $25
Sanitary Cut - $8
Feet Trim - $10